Ideating for a Better Society

About Us

EtherSky was founded with the mission to ideate technology solutions for societal needs - and create self-sustaining social entrepreneurship ventures. In essence, we are a startup of social-venture startups where social venture ideas are incubated, and technology solutions are created and propelled to the point of venture and institutional funding. We then partner with the investors to shape and grow the company.

India is the primary target market for all the ventures by EtherSky. However, since many societal needs are universal, the solutions have applicability in several parts of the world. Thus these ventures are built from the ground up to have the scale and flexibility to meet the needs of regions around the world. From a technology perspective, EtherSky’s ventures specialize in large-scale cloud platform technologies.

Our Ideations

Among the ventures in our ideation portfolio, the first one to reach launch is Spotstream. Spotstream is a social platform that helps you share and follow spots of interest. Though the primary social objective underlying the creation of SpotStream is to help identify, popularize, and help protect the lesser-known historical sites, it is also finding use with food lovers, nature photographers, and travel enthusiasts.

Map Forgotten Heritage

Locate lesser known spots of heritage and share the stories

Document Local History

Document the local legends from the elderly storytellers

Share Traditions

Share tidbits about ancient traditions and where and how they are practiced

Locate Food Culture

Share food culture of each region and locate the places that excel in them

Discover Artisans

Share information and location of artisans practicing the ancient arts of a region

Help Conservation

Connect with like-minded people to help in conservation

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